The circle works (O) is an interdisciplinary real-time laboratory, in which we want to investigate how a collective workspace can function beyond the barriers of genre or gender. We have noticed that academic structures isolate many students, which gives no space for exchange. But our view does not only refer to students, it is just as exciting to work across generations. We want to research common added values that can arise from different specialist areas. We welcome radical openness.

short film festival

Due to the corona pandemic, students have not yet been able to showcase their work at exhibitions. For this reason, in collaboration with members of the circle works,  I developed a concept for a platform where regional exchange with a real audience could take place. With the support of C / O Custom Organization, the festival took place on August 28, 2020, in the former cloth factory at Charlottenstraße 14, Aachen. You can find the program and the live stream of our festival here!