About the project

#Letter AR displays forms that represent letters. In this project, the focus is on language and the visualization of language. Furthermore, bringing this exhibition into a virtual space will allow the audience to engage with this work in a safe way. Finally, this project results in developing a tool for an audience that can modify the existing physical space with shapes and forms. The visitor shall be able to play around and rediscover a new layer to the space.

This project is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of NRW.

TALK with Edwin Jacobs here.

#LetterAR on gallerytalk.net - full article here.

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#LetterAR meets StageTwo

StageTwo is the first pan - European competition for the best startups spinning out of leading European university-affiliated entrepreneurship centers. This Network supports students and researchers to turn their ideas into businesses. StageTwo always invites you to find your own beyond. So we proudly present this AR sculpture exhibition that works on your smartphone. It arose with and through the circumstances of the COVID pandemic and offers the opportunity to participate in and experience art projects despite social distancing. 

This is exactly what we strive for: exploring edges and just walking over them. Click on the Image above to enter #LetterAR.

Thanks to this initiative the exhibition will travel throughout Europe and will be shown at StageTwo’s partner universities via a banner.

#Letter WEBSPACE EXHIBITION Demo is live now!

CLICK HERE TO ENTER WEBSPACE from your desktop screen with Google Chrome Browser.