Interdisciplinary professional in digital implementation and cultural economics with a focus on research, analysis, and production in the art market.

Passionate about driving change in the contemporary art landscape, I bring a wealth of experience in translating creative concepts into impactful initiatives. My focus on #policy, #innovation, #digitalmedia, #culturalindustry, and #projectdevelopment reflects my commitment to shaping the future of the art world.

As an ambitious creative graduate, I have successfully translated my vision into action within the contemporary art industry. My journey encompasses adept project management, curation, and cutting-edge digital innovation skills, all underpinned by a robust foundation in cultural economics and entrepreneurship.

With a background in Fine Arts and Interdisciplinary Arts from Maastricht Institute of Arts and ongoing studies in Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship at Erasmus University Rotterdam, I am poised at the intersection of artistic expression and economic dynamics, ready to contribute to the evolving landscape of the art market.

Curatorial consultation

I offer artistic and curatorial consultation services for project development. See more: Uwe Bermeitinger DRRRTY FEET, 2018. Idea and concept development in collaboration with C/O.  XXX For Further projects in production look into the short film festival 2020.


- Artistic research and art theory

- Concept development & creative collaboration

- Event production & management 

- Staff training and management

- Budgeting and stock management

- Confident communication


English: fluent; German: fluent; Dutch: basic

Exhibition documentation

During the time of the Lock Down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I developed a digital strategy for Bureau Europa to re-connect with its audience during a time of social distance. The results can be experienced here.


Cafe Total 


- Adobe Creative Suite

- Video and photography: equipment operation and post-production

- VR & AR video production

- Digital Marketing Strategy;

  - Email-Campaigns

  - Social Media content

  - Content Management Systems

Interdisciplinary projects overview

#Letter AR displays forms that represent letters. In this project, the focus is on language and the visualization of language. Furthermore, bringing this exhibition into a virtual space will allow the audience to engage with this work in a safe way. Finally, this project results in developing a tool for an audience that can modify the existing physical space with shapes and forms. The visitor shall be able to play around and rediscover a new layer to the space.

The result of this project - considering the circumstances - was accompanied by a creative and adaptive process, which has subtly developed for all of us a question of physicality. Altogether this could be considered under times and besides times of unreliable future visualization of physical exhibitions as methods to connect to a digital community. The strong fundament and values of the Bureau Europa’s branding and calling are inevitable to a cultural landscape in the heart of Europe. Being a platform that raises critical questions and offers futuristic lifeforms to the audience makes us as audience question: 

“ There's no better location to be found for a real ceramics exhibition than in our Sphinxkwartier. This is after all the district where Dutch ceramics history was made. Teachers and students at Zuyd University of Applied Science - Maastricht Institute of Arts totally agree. Our this year’s fine arts graduate student Molly Crowe with one of many’  is exhibiting her sculpture to the public. This has given a fixed place to protect the decks on the Petrus Regoutplein of the Eiffelbuilding. “ Belvédère Maastricht

Photo: Fred Berghmans

Walking in light

Due to the corona pandemic, students have not yet been able to showcase their work at exhibitions. For this reason, in collaboration with members of the circle works,  I developed a concept for a platform where regional exchange with a real audience could take place.

With the support of C / O Custom Organization, the festival took place on August 28, 2020 in the former cloth factory at Charlottenstraße 14, Aachen. You can find the program and the live stream of our festival here!

workshop at the Via Appia Antica in Rome

Report workshop by written Molly Crowe, ERASMUS+ student fine art 2019

From the 19th until 28th November 2019, 10 3rd year students of the fine arts department from the Arts Faculty of Maastricht participated in a 10 Days workshop called ‘Exploded view` at MACRO - Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma and Ex-Cartiera Latina in Rome, Italy initiated by Krien Clevis.


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